March 31, 2006

I just went to a drive through ATM. Now, sure, thats not too unusual. Its very convenient, but not unusual. But there was something about it that caught my eye.

The buttons all had BRAILLE underneath.

That means there are people who are BLIND, driving up to these ATMs and drawing money. Its not a regular ATM that happens to be labeled drive though. Oh no. This is a purpose built, tilted up and with wide buttons and convenient goodies ATM. Its only for drive through. And they put braille on it. What in the hell?

I wonder if someone was trying to make sure they didn’t get sued for discrimination or something, you know it gets. But come on now?! Either that, or there is a secret amazing super-duper car that drives around by itself.

The blind dude driving just needs to wear glasses with magazine cut-out eyes stuck on the front so noone suspects.


If you have no friends, make some…

March 30, 2006

Ha ha ha ha. I can’t help but laugh out loud. That would be such a sad thing if it were true. Okay, so you have already scrolled down and seen the photo, so you know what this is about, but pretend that you haven’t.

I got dirty today. Or at least I would have, if I weren’t playing in something which is inherently clean (except if its yellow). That’s right, snow. We are slowly losing it to the greedy atmosphere and I realised this morning while taking out the rubbish that I hadn’t yet done something we all believe we will do:

Build a snow-dude.

We see kids doing it on movies and tv shows our whole lives. We imagine that we could, if we so wished, build a snowman any time we like. Just a few technical things, like sometimes the snow isn’t quite the right consistency (its too watery – like in Cape Town) or its too far to carry into the garden (like 14 999 871.63 metres – our garden in Yorkton to our back garden in JHB – I measured). But asside from these little things, its a pretty easy thing to do, right? You take a snow ball and roll it around the garden until its a big snow ball. Do this twice more, a few nice round pebbles and a carrot from Mum, and we’re done. No-mess-no-fuss.

Lets just come back to reality. Its really more like building a sand castle and takes quite some time. It took about an hour and a half to build this dude, but that did include de-capitating him to build up his body some more and replacing his head. And let me tell you, snow is heavy. Today its nice and sticky (I think it has something to do with it being old snow) so packing it was quite easy. You get knee deep, and having a snow-shovel really helps. Unlike sandcastles however, I haven’t got any sand in my jocks. Also, I’m not sun-burned.

The onc surprising thing was just how easy finding pebbles was. I thought I was going to have to make do with something else, like pistachios (dirt cheap here – so I can use them as dirt), but they are all over the show. Not gravel, pebbles. Next time I’ll make a Calvin-esque Snowman scene. I will need to do some planning though.

Oh, and I wanted this picture to be a time-lapse sequence, but alas I can’t do that on this blogger thingie.

And our builder. Look how pretty he is. He has Massive Attack in his ears.

That is all.


March 27, 2006

Much to our dismay, everything is melting. The snow is becoming water, and the ice is becoming… water. And the water. Its staying water. So with all this water around, when the temprature dips down again, all the slowly dripping water freezes again. The results have been quite impressive so far. Take a look at this:

That’s not even lens trickery. Those bad boys are half a metre long. There are also icicles at night.

Pretty, no?

That is all.

Accidental Support

March 27, 2006

Well, we are mucking in. We are getting down with the locals and their activities. Even if it is by accident.

Sunday nights is when the big rink is open to the public (I know – once a week?) so we had our skates sharpened (something we didn’t even know you had to do), and headed over. Last time we went, it was the two of us and three other people, so imagine our surprise when we arrived and fought to find a parking space. It was a mini ice-capades. We threw caution to the wind, paid our money and went in to find some seats. It has been said that if you are going to a capade, make it an “ice” one. Just make sure it really is a capade, and not really a childrens play on ice.

Imagine watching a child walking around waving their arms a little and falling down quite a lot. That’s pretty much what it was. Yes, very cute. I mean, the 5 year old boys slid around dressed in their little matching spiderman outfits while their mummies cheered them on. The girls did a little CareBear number, and we had several movie soundtracks help along the 10-12 year old individuals.

I’ve also discovered that the products here can be quite rude. I mean, look at this bottle of headache tablets? I have a headache and now I need a bottle telling me this? Honestly.

That is all.

Friday Night in Yorkton

March 25, 2006

So, yesterday was Friday, the beginning of the weekend – party time right? We had decided earlier in the week that we need to get ourselves involved in the activites of the town. So when a nurse at work suggested that we join her at a bar last night, we decided the time had come. The place is called “Pockets” – its a pool hall/sports bar. We were actually pleasantly suprised, we were expecting something ultra lame, but it was okay, and actually looks lke if it got packed it would manage to muster a vibe. No news cafe. Kind of like that sports bar that was in the atrium for a few months (okay – people who went to UCT might remember, but i forget the name). They even had a cocktail menu – nothing special, but all the staples, served in a normal water glass. The nurse we were meeting is a 30 something divorcee and she brought her friends – 2xmarried 40 somethings, 1×50 something mother of children older than us and 1×20 something married with kids-chubby-never been out of yorktoner. Another lady came over to say hi, I helped with the delivery of her grandchild earlier in the week – got to love a small town. Weird mix, but I think that’s what happens here. You all know how Andrew can talk – so that helped, and being from deepest darkest africa and having lots of stories helped too.

So now we’ve gone to a canadian bar with real canadians. Tick. Jokes, it was actually a little fun – like one of those christmas cracker spinning tops. I’m glad we have eachother so it doesn’t matter so much if the people we have to socialise with are actual grandmothers.

Ol Bol

March 22, 2006

We are very sad right now. Some stupid %$#@ing moron ran over Claire’s folks little doggie, Oliver. He isn’t looking too good right now, Wendy informs me. We are all hoping he will be okay. Why are people so unbelievably selfish and heartless. The tool hit this tiny little animal and then drove off. DROVE OFF!? So who knows how long Ollie was hurt before the kind neighbour found him. I have a special love for dogs, especially ones as cute and lively as poor little Ollie.

So if you ever see someone hit a dog and drive off, chase them and run them off the road. Then kick their asses for Ollie.

Thats is all.

Dead Animals

March 22, 2006

I haven’t worked out where they come from, but they must be around. They sneak into your house in the dead of night, and crawl into your mouth while you’re sleeping. IT’S TRUE!!! How else can you explain the taste in my mouth every morning? Coffee does the trick though. We’ve found a coffee that tastes pretty good. Its called mega-death-deep-roast (maybe not – but its the strongest they have). I taint mine with hazelnut coffee creamer. Flavours are pretty huge here. I think Claire has mentioned it, but the “Cappuccino” thats advertised all over is really just a flavoured hot drink, which is almost, but not entirely unlike cappuccino.

So I’m embracing and getting hazel-nutty.