Snow is cold

February 27, 2007

Rain is wet. Although that is irrelevant. Thanks Carol.

That is all.



February 25, 2007

Well, you know they say it’s not how many times you fall off the horse, its how many times you get back on? Well, firstly thats silly because what if you get off yourself? What if it was your fault you fell off? What … okay, this is all getting off the point. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how many times you get LAZY posting photos, its how many times you try to post more.

So in that spirit I’ve put up most of the photos that are on this blog, plus some extra cool ones (excuse the pun) somewhere deep down too. Look for hoar frost. It’s pretty.

The photos can be found here: Andrew’s Flickr

I will be trying to remember to post more often. It’s super easy so I have no excuse. Doesn’t mean I wont fall off the horse.

Claire’s Job, in pictures

February 15, 2007


February 11, 2007

Well, its been a busy week. Some of us are older. Some of us are bruised-er. Both of us are better than ever. So, lets have a bit of a look.

So, Claire turned a touch older on Monday. We decided Moose Jaw simply didn’t have enough to offer as far as birthday fare, so I booked a table at Zest. Rumour has it that the chef used to be Armani’s personal chef, but in a place like this, you never know. He might have once cooked at a restaurant that Armani’s second cousin once ate at. Whether it’s true or not, he knows how to make food hot. Sometimes I wonder about the actual skill involved in the cooking of certain foods. Often it’s the skill (or daring) of coming up with interesting (and bizarre) combinations that’s impressive, and not the fact that it was stuffed into a roasted chicken, that’s impressive. Anyway, Claire looked great, and it even snowed on us for her birthday.

But that was ages ago. More recently (Saturday, in fact), I played in another badminton tournament. Now, since our club is quite small (believe it or not!) we tend to have to mix and match partners when it comes to tournaments. Sometimes one person isn’t available, sometimes another. So I got left with Bill. Well, more like he got left with me. I get the sense he doesn’t like me much, but I don’t know why that is. I know a million reasons he could not like me, I just can’t work out what it is that makes me think he doesn’t like me. Be that as it may, we were playing together. And OH MY WORD, we played like champions. Seriously. We took the top seeds to three LONG sets (out of three), and in the final set had to go beyond the regular 21 points (because you have to win by two). We did have the fact the first seeds included and arrogant %$@& who probably didn’t think twice when he saw who he was playing, but we made him work for it.

I also gave it my all:

This is me about the do some killin’.

Again, looking DEADLY. Although, this isn’t the arrogant guy, but a rather pleasant chap from Wynyard.
And for all of you who think badminton is for nerds and children, well, you are mostly right. That and kung fu (except the children part). BUT, I will have you know that the record for fastest racket-struck projectile is in fact a shuttle cock. And it was struck but a woman. At over 300km/h. Well, okay, it’s now held by a man, but that it kinda kills the next picture I took, so pretend you didn’t know.

We also had more optical coolness. The sun is below the horizon. That flare was CLEARLY visible. Awesome.
And finally, just so that everyone keeps a fresh image of us in their heads, here is us. At Bobby’s Place. Looking HOT!

That is all.

Happy Happy

February 5, 2007

Birthday to CLAIRE!!! YAY!

So I put together a little goodie for her. It looked a lot like this:

It had three layers, like a cake. And a bow on top, unlike a cake. But it was pretty :). Okay, so I thought so.

Also, here are some photos of some snow.

We also went to watch some of the superbowl on Sunday (oh, yesterday, right). It’s obviously not a big deal for us, since we didn’t even know who was playing. BUT, it is supposed to be the biggest advert day of the year, and since the ads are pretty awful generally here, we thought we’d go have a look. It’s part of the experience, after all.

I can attest to the generally higher quality of the adverts, but my mood took a turn for the worse when I was taking a photo of all the people for you folks and a woman came over and told me to stop. She wasn’t even an employee of the place or anything. She also felt it was necessary to add “It’s illegal” to her demand. How am I supposed to know? Jeez. What was she planning on doing that she was worried about being caught on camera?

Anyway, I have a few more things to organise for Claire today, so I’ll leave it there.

That is all.


February 1, 2007

I know, I know. You all know it snows here. But you know, the weather really hasn’t been making the kind effort we would like. We’ve had a couple of spluttering flurries, which leaves JUST ENOUGH whiteness to tease us, but not beautify the world.

UNTIL LAST NIGHT. Buckets. Tons. Heaps. It’s awesome.

Now, let me just give you some advice regarding snow and it’s soft loveliness. Don’t be tempted to put your bare foot into it “just to see what it feels like”. It’s NOT a good idea. That “how cold can it REALLY be?” thought should be put out of your head as fast as possible. It isn’t cold. It’s pain. Ful. LOTS! The whole experience is actually more like this:

“Hmm, that’s soft. Wow, I can barely feel it it’s so soft. It’s inbetween my toes, that’s so rad. It’s kinda cold, but not too… oh WOW, THATS COLD! Jeez. Oh OW! SHHHH MAN! Come on, I’ve wiped it off!? WHY IS IT STILL HURTING?!”. There is some frantic foot-on-ground-wiping in there somewhere, I just can’t recall exactly when. But all in all, it’s not worth it. Rather put your foot in a bowl of salt or dandruff.

So, photos. Right. Here.

That is all.