March 28, 2007

I’m sure SOMEONE is looking at these. Oh well. More eye candy. And yes, my photos are better, and no, it’s not because the camera I now have knows more. It’s just a nicer tool, so I tend to have it WITH me more often. I enjoy the process of taking photos more now, so I spend more time doing it. :).

That is all.



March 25, 2007

It almost feels like spring had somewhere else to be. The forecast for tomorrow is mid 20s. Thats Positive. And Celsius. Thanks for saying ‘bye’ winter. I was skiing literally days ago, and now it’s t-shirts and slops. I was in SLOPS today. There is proof in the images to follow.

Just call it my “blue” period. Everyone has one.

On the boardwalk, just havin’ some fun…

Seriously, this is how pink it was. Insane.

The ducks are back.

Creepy. And it’s not even halloween.

That is all.


March 24, 2007

Well, this morning I found out that I got a PIXAR DUDE as my new mentor. Oh my WORD I’m excited. His name is Brett Corderre and he is totally brilliant! Did the Dory stuff where she talks to a whale. Amazing.

So, that’s it.

I’m excited.

That’s all.

Oh, did I mention its going to Rock?

That’s it now. Seriously.

A new comic

March 23, 2007

Nothing much

March 22, 2007

So, there hasn’t been much going on with us, so there hasn’t been much to write about. Spring is trying its hardest to come. I’ve even been outside with a T-shirt on, but shouldn’t have as it was only +3, I stupidly thought the sunlight would make it warm.
We finally got our car washed, it had been a while, but there was so much slush around, it wasn’t worth it. We also put it off because every time we went to the car wash there was a queue of about 15 cars. Yes we could have done it the old fashioned way I suppose.

A bunny, I almost stepped on him hiding in the snow.

We’ve just been to the shops, and I found Ceres. Yay. Will pay a lot for a little taste of home……
and then a one armed sales assistant (seriously, no arm from his shoulder on) asked if he could give us a hand. Hee hee.

So before I bore you all to death, that’s it.


March 14, 2007


March 10, 2007

Check our little roomba do it’s thing. Yay for Roomba.