Catching you all up

Hello, faithful reader.  I hope you’ve all found your way over to this new blog site.  I’m sorry for changing locations like this, but you will soon see the reason.

So, what’s been happening with us?  Well, I’ve been hard at work making virtual puppets live.  It’s a tough job, sure, but someone has to do it.  But seriously, it’s been a super tough term.  Brett, my mentor, works at pixar, and there is noone I would rather impress.   All this is supposed to form the basis for a “sorry for the lack of news”, but I know noone is buying it.  “You sit around in your jocks all day!  That’s not hard!  BLOG ALREADY!”, you all say.  It’s true.  I should.  I feel bad.  So, onward.

Right.  We’ve been looking for somewhere to live.  Somewhere new and shiny.  Now, we really quite like Abbotsford, for what it is.  As I’ve said before, it’s very “east rand”, which is completely cool, EXCEPT we aren’t such east-randers.  Now, I believe it’s possible to live outside your box, but we all want a glove that fits, right?  Okay, so my metaphores got a little mixed there, but I think you know what I mean.  We want a young box.  A box with slightly fewer chrome spinners and more alfa romeos.

To that end, we’ve been investigating the surroundings.  Our first stop was Port Moody.  It’s “thing” is that it’s the “City of the Arts”.  Now, we haven’t really been through this, but every town/village/hamlet has a “thing”.  I guess it’s a motto or something, but I don’t really see what it’s for.  In Saskatchewan I think they do it to try fool the people who live there into staying.  I mean, we’ve seen “Best place on earth to live”, “Best city by a dam site” (you guessed it, it’s got a dam.  Genius), “Where good things happen”, “We’ll pay you money if you buy a donut”.  Okay, I made up the last one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes up eventually.

Okay, so back to Port Moody.  Being the “City of the Arts” is quite a claim.  I was really hoping for polka-dot streets and performing arts in the parks, but alas, nothing.  Perhaps we were just there between shows.  We’ll have to go back.  See, the mottos work.  I’m so convinced by it, I’m going back.  I wonder if you started a little village and said “only people named Dave live here” if it would eventually be true.  I bet it would.

Anyway, Port Moody looks like this:

Port Moody Port Moody 2

We stayed for a cup of coffee and a VERY eggy quiche and then moved on. Before we left, we did notice a rather large number of South African’s in town.  A lady in the running shop, a couple in the coffee shop, and 3 people with some locals learning about how stupid canadian cell-phone companies are.  It was quite surprising.

We might move there.  Its halfway between downtown and Abbotsford, so pretty convenient, but it’s not downtown OR Abbotsford,  so … well, you get the idea.  Next time, White Rock.  We already went there, but it’s late, so I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

That is all.


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