Out and about in greater Vancouver

So last night we decided to go to the only night club in the “lower main land” (I’m still not entirely sure what that is). It’s called “The Vanilla Room” and its in Langley, about 30km away. Anyway as we should have learned by now, all clubs/bars/dodgey small town places in Canada ask for ID before they let you in. We have been bounced for being foreign for being dodgey looking, and my favorite – for looking so young:) All in Moose Jaw, all by the same short memory having bouncer. Anyway, so this being a “proper” club, they were even stricter, dress code etc. So they check your ID, scan it and take your photo before they let you in. I only realised once we were there that I had no ID, and for the first time since we’ve been here(Canada) I thought – hey I sound like a tourist, I can pretend I’m just visiting. So after the bouncers frisked Andrew and Chris and scanned their driver’s licences and took their photos, I just said, “I’m just here on holiday from South Africa, I’m sorry I have no ID with me.” The huge bouncer smiled and told me to have a good time. Hee hee.

Not such an amusing story now that I write it down, but it really is. I have been bounced so often since being here – drinking age is 19 and obviously I look 17 (I know I don’t, but I can dream, they probably just ask to irritate me) – and until last night I’d never thought of playing the tourist card. I’ll do it more.

Other. Please don’t go to your doctor to say you don’t like the look of the veins in your feet, that you had a spot on your arm last week but its gone now but you want to know what it was, or to ask what my feelings are about pharmaceutical advertising on TV. Please.

Photos will hopefully follow. It was a very nice club, could have been Jo’burg, it made me feel like we were in a real place again. Oh, and apparently shorts are okay to wear out again, as long as you wear heels. News to me.

Unrelated photo of me at the Tate in December ’06

Claire at the Tate thumbnail


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