grousegrind-7.jpg . We love a good grind.
Now, usually its a rich french roast, or a lighter, more perky Brazilian.
This weekend, however, we went for a Mountain Blend.

When I say blend, I mean a mix of terraced steps and rocky scrambling that made up the Grouse Grind. Okay, so the “blend” thing was a stretch, but I needed to make the whole “coffee” metaphor work somehow.

What is it?
Well, its another example of the fantastic outdoor variety that can be had on your doorstep when you live in BC.
. grousegrind-6.jpg

I handed in my assignment at 12pm, and by 1:30 we were Grinding.
What a pleasure.

Before we left, we hopped on their website to get an idea of what was coming. What we learned, about 10 minutes into the walk, is that we have no idea how to interpret gradient when its written out. For the benefit of those who do, its 2.9km, and climbs 2800 feet. Let me just tell you, thats even steeper than it sounds. An hour after starting, I thought I was going to bump my head on Mir if I wasn’t watching. . grousegrind-7.jpg

Okay, I exaggerate.

There was snow though. Amost froze my… fingers off.


Just a note to the rangers or officials or whoever controls the Grind. Don’t let small children climb it. Not because they won’t make it, but because they WILL bloody make it and make people like me feel damn lame! STOP IT!
Cute, no?


I also got a nice idea for security back home:


Then there were the men dressed in suspenders (and I can only imagine bras too… Come on… I wish I was a girlie?? No? Nevermind)






Now, I’m not sure if it’s clear, but there is a crazy person at the top of this massive pole. He’s holding on using a rope slung around his waist, and some fancy soccer boots. Not if you paid me a million dollars!


The view on the way back down was also not too shabby. Thats Stanley Park on the right, incase anyone is wondering.


That is all.


One Response to Grinding

  1. That pale oke in Joburg says:

    Well I guess you’re both masochists then!
    And I won’t go near the “I wish I was a girlie” thing – I’ll gloss over that one for now…

    I noticed the slightly pale legs extending out from yer red pants – not getting too much sun then? Ha! Neither am I. I am getting a good screen tan though. Masters have bought a Gypsy Mocap suit, so lotsa stuff to learn + lotsa work coming in = screen burn.

    Oh the pitfalls of animating!

    Glad to see you guys are getting out and aboot [:)] and I hope life is treating you well.

    Speak to ya soon,

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