Bees, Dragons and Friends

June 19, 2007

Busier? A little. Fun? Some of the time? What was it all? The following:

First off, I had my final term hand-in the past Sunday for Animation Mentor, so I was busting a hump getting that looking good enough. Claire has also decided to take on a little more challenging work which she will hopefully love. Aside from work, we’ve also been trying to get out and about and see some of what Vancouver has to offer. Sunday was Dragon-Boat-Racing-Day. It was also Meet-Richard-Andrea-And-Gavin-Day. Also Half-Price-Pizza-And-Japanese-Beer-Day. Thankfully, we could do all those things together.

We set off down to the false river bay thingie for what is the largest Dragon Boat festival outside of China. Exciting, hey? Well, what they didn’t tell us was that it wasn’t necessarily the most CHINESE of dragon boat festivals in the world. Now, when we got there, I kinda felt like the guy at the work team-building-day who isn’t too good at sports. You know, the one who goes along, but doesn’t really take part. Apparently, dragon boating is something almost anyone can do.



I imagine it’s pretty nice to watch you mum or gran “churning the water into a frothing frenzy”, but watching someone else’s gran do that is a little less fun. (Please note: I took a little artistic license with that description of the paddling). Now, one or two races is interesting in that its different and new and a race. So you can pick a colour (I’m supporting the pretty yellow boat-thingie) and feel good/bad when they win/lose.


But I guess I just don’t get the intricacies of competitive Dragon Boating, because I got bored after 2 races. And there were well over a hundred of them. Also, you couldn’t spend your own money. you had to buy their money (Dragon-Dollars. Very clever) and then use that money to buy stuff. The catch was that you couldn’t buy real money with your Dragon-Change. Dragon-Weird.


So we headed out to look at some flat’s that Richard and Andrea had found in the paper. Just to fill you in, they are friends of Jo’s (Claire’s sister) and moved to Van-Van from New Zealand to be architects. Fortunately they have Architecture degrees, because I think its hard otherwise. (Note: I will be refering to Vancouver as either “Van-Van” or “The Couver”. Please try to keep up, as I won’t be explaining this again). Their friend, Gavin, is putting them up until this hunt of theirs is over. It was quite interesting seeing what flat’s and shared houses cost down-town. It was also interesting finding out that many people share BATHROOMS! With people they don’t know?! And they don’t even save much money by doing that. I think that’s very odd. Maybe I’m lame.



After bonding over a few Japanese beers and Pizza we had to head back to Abby (I’ll point out that I’m using the same convention I spoke about before to refer to Abbotsford). You can be pretty sure you’ll be seeing their faces in more of our photos. Exploring is a lot more fun with more people, afterall.

And just to keep up to date, “The Ford” offers some pretty interesting photo ops. Here are some of the local accommodations:



Flora and Fauna



Little bits and pieces I found interesting.



Other random eye-candy. I need SOMEWHERE to put these things.



That is all.