Day 2

July 4, 2007

Right, another mini-update sans-pictures.  I have taken about a million, so need to sort the corn from the bad metaphor before you see them.  I want to look clever, afterall.

So, the day went something like this:

Woke up, headed for the train station.   This was harder than we thought it would be, but eventually we ended up at the station.  We popped out in Mong Kok (there are lots of koks in Hong Kong.  Wangs too) and after not buying a fake rolex hopped on a ferry across to hong kong island.

Some exploring on foot, including a 55 story lift-ride up ifc two for a birds-eye view, and we made our way to the “The Peak” tram.  What an incredible piece of engineering.  More on that when I put in pictures.

We had dim sum and some slimy weirdness at the top, and headed down and hit a few markets (that can be a surprise).

A quick trip home to change and we were out again.  Drinks at the Starck designed bar (wow – views second to none) and dinner at a funky little sushi place (Claire even ate Caviar!) and we were finished!  Completely broken!  Neither of us kept our eyes open for the whole journey back to the hotel.

That is all.